Partners | Win. Win. Win. Co-Authors, Forewords, and Chapters

Create, Listen, Invite, Collaborate, Share.

This can be a crucially important element of the success of your entire content and marketing strategy. #notkidding

Plus a special bonus.

One of my favorite, most powerful, fun, and effective content creation strategies is collaboration. Here's the process:

  1. Idea/topic: Be clear on what you're talking about.
  2. Listen: Find others who are talking on or around the same topic. (PRO TIP: even if you think they're "competition," you can usually find a way to make it a collaboration.)
  3. Invite: Reach out to them, let them know what you're doing and invite them to be a part of it. Your word choice here is key: you're not asking them for a favor or to "do work" or "something for you." You are inviting them to be a part of something bigger, an "event where you have the keys to the stage."
  4. Collaborate: This can take the form of something as simple as a 15-minute phone call (to create a podcast episode), to a bit more depth (to write a book chapter), to part of a lesson (to create a course), to a full lesson or even module (to co-create a course), to standing next to you on stage (to create an event).
  5. Enjoy: This might sound silly, but give me 9 months of Corona virus and the need to keep in touch, collaborate, and "make friends online" has taken on a whole new meaning. Speaking of meaning, and this digs quite a bit deeper into the methodology of the Repossible series, "working together" on something provides just that meaning or purpose that so many of are continually seeking.

This can be a crucial element of your content strategy. Take it as seriously as you take your topic.

Oh, almost forgot. In the title, Win. Win. Win. That would be you, the partner, and the audience.