YouTube | "I just purchased all of your books."


You never know who is going to see what where.

Pro Tip: Note that the video he commented on is not some sales-y, pitch-y, even very "Repossible" video where I'm going deep about how important Repossible is to your life and blah blah blah. Nope, it's 17 seconds of Focus.

As of 2020, I have been publishing regularly on YouTube. I have a weekly video (Thursday Thunder) and I occasionally cross-publish a podcast episode or maybe a video training or an interview.

Check out this YouTube comment on this page.

Remember how simple this is:

  1. He saw me on YouTube.
  2. He bought all of my books.

It doesn't happen everyday but it's not going to happen if you're not where they are.

I'm not going to dig too deep here but here is an excerpt from my book Ask where I briefly get into how I see how we connect with people.

The Hierarchy of Resonance

What you have in your hands is a book. Or maybe you have the audiobook and then it’s in your ears. 

Although I’m an author at heart, I see a trajectory of connection that goes something like this: 

  1. Read (those things you read in a book or article)
  2. Hear (what we hear, voices, music, podcasts, audiobooks)
  3. See (we use our eyes to experience, we can see gestures, facial expressions, etc.)
  4. Feel (this can come from any of this list but it’s usually not physical, it’s how it makes your gut react)
  5. Touch (although this sounds like we’re shaking hands or giving a hug—and that’s part of it—it’s more physiological than necessarily physical) 
  6. Resonate (this one is in your heart, when this happens, it tingles the hairs on your arms and possibly releases a flock of butterflies in your belly)

If you have the book or ebook or audiobook in your hands, see how far—or rather, not far—we are down this path? 

I want to take it further.