Reaper | Auphonic Leveler Online (free)

It's time to level up.

While Reaper does all kinds of magic in getting our files organized and sounding good, it doesn't bring us all the way to the point that we are 100% going to be accepted by ACX (and Findaway Voices). We need to level things, we need to reduce peaks, reduce hum, etc.

Meet Auphonic Leveler. This video below shows how to use the free version. In the next video, I'll show how to use the desktop (paid) version.

Here's a link to the free (under 2 hours) version of Auphonic Leveler Online.

NOTE: I'm having trouble getting the free online version to completely get it all properly working. See note and extra video below.

Please also watch the video below as I'm struggling (read: failing) to get all of the parameters right to pass ACX specifications.

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