Chapter Blueprint | Build Each Room and Soon You'll Have a House

You’ve brain dumped, bullet-pointed, maybe even walked in the woods talking to yourself. It’s time to give those ideas some structure. 

Here's a quick overview of how you could organize each chapter.

  1. Title: succinct, sharp, and short
  2. Subtitle (optional): explain, elaborate, or entertain
  3. Quote (optional): a quote, usually from someone else, to use “their words” to introduce “your words.” 
  4. Opening/hook/introduction: like the opening lines of a movie, welcome the reader to this chapter. 
  5. Body: clarify, elaborate, use examples to get across the chapter message
  6. Stories (optional): case studies, examples (ideally from other people) proving your message. Optional but highly recommended!
  7. Takeaway: remind the reader what you just taught them and what they’re now taking away from this chapter. 
  8. Action (optional): inspire the reader to take real action. You could offer 2 action ideas: 1 super easy and 1 more difficult. If you only do 1, make it easy. We want them to succeed!