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A quick story about the $10,000 consultant...

Hey, I'm a writer, we tell stories. :-)

A company hires a consultant to do a job. The consultant does the job and bills the company $10,000.

The company was happy with the work and fine with the price but asked for a more detailed invoice.

The consultant happily provided the invoice.

Consulting Job Detailed Invoice

  1. $1 -- Pressing the button that fixed the problem.
  2. $9,999 -- Knowing which button to press.

I've independently published 28 books in 4 different series, I'm a part of at least half a dozen author Facebook groups, and I have tried, heard about, tested, and kicked to the curb all kinds of tools, tricks, gimmicks, strategies, tools, programs, and software.

Rather than give you a choice, "Hey, here are 14 different tools you could use to __________," I'm just going to give you one. If you want more, just ask. But more often than not, people tell me very directly:

"Bradley, I don't want to make decisions and analyze and figure it out. Just tell me what to do."

This is now me Telling You What To Do

There are 4 services I'd like you to sign up for. In this lesson, I'm not going to get into detail about which one does what (I'll do that later). I'm going to recommend you sign up for all 4. What we're really doing here is preparing for The 7-Day Challenge before it starts and getting our ducks in a row.

These are all free.

  1. Asana: This is our "To Do" list or roadmap. We'll be uploading a custom checklist for the WBE.
  2. Reedsy: This is where we'll be writing, organizing, and formatting our books.
  3. Canva: Book cover design paradise (find the FREE account, you don't need the PRO account)
  4. Prolific Works: Our "publisher" where we'll make our ebooks available (privately or publicly, our choice)

Your goal? Set up accounts, save your login names and passwords (or better yet, use a password manager) so when we're ready, you're ready.

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