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Book #14 in the Repossible series will be titled: SHARE

I'm doing a 28-day meditation challenge this month and on Day 2, this came downloaded into my brain: SHARE.

We're at the 14th step in the Roadmap to Repossible and it's all about telling your story, sharing your success, and motivating and inspiring those a few steps behind you.

We'll be collecting Repossible Stories at share.repossible.com. Got one already for us? Let us know and we'll showcase your success. On the path and struggling? Awesome! We want to hear about that, too.

I'm actually a little surprised that this title, this book, didn't come to me earlier but hey, I'm just MC at this event, I'm just the guy with the keys to the conference center, I'm just the messenger.

I can't wait to collect and share your stories of Repossible adventures.

If you'd like to hear the chapter from the (revised yesterday) Repossible audiobook, it's here in a bonus Repossible podcast episode.

Do you already have a story from your own Road to Repossible? Or you'd like to listen to someone else's story of success? We're going to be collecting them at share.repossible.com.

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