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Spencer Waldron is busy with his "real" book, the "big" and "important" one.

But first: his one-word book that's going to make that big book easier.

Susan de Vriend

Susan de Vriend first thought her word was "Connection" but then "Connect" came in stronger--and led her to set up a new program and quickly get four new clients!

Your One Word

Can you imagine your book here? Your One Word?

One Explanation

Here's the deal.

We'll discover your One Word that will guide you for One Year.

We'll get it done in One Day.

Your Book

A tiny book to get you started.
The first step.
We'll get it done in One day.

In a nutshell:

I'm going to show you everything you need to write a tiny, crazy-short, micro book, complete with a title, subtitle, and a cover, and you can get it done in one day.


The biggest challenges my clients come to me with is "getting unstuck."

After years of coaching, dozens of awesome programs, and boatloads of books, this is my answer to the question:

"How do I get unstuck?"

Your One-Word Mantra

What if, on your desk or in your hands, you had a one-word mantra that you could pick up and get clarity?

Not written by some guru. Not bought at the museum gift shop.

But written by you. For you.


Colleen Fehr got her one word, wrote her book, created her cover, and ordered the paperback on a Sunday.

One Day. One Book. One Word.


This one is still being worked on but I got a hold of the cover design. To be continued ...


What are you waiting for?

If you need some things to wait for, here's a list:

-- Retirement
-- Empty nest
-- Holiday
-- Seaside writing retreat

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This is My One-Word Book

What will yours be?

You can download and read my one-word book here: Focus.

Een Uitleg


Het heel verhaal.

Online or In-Person?

$27 or $97