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"The Boost Your Brand with a Book program helps coaches, professionals, and entrepreneurs write a short, laser-focused, non-fiction book in 90 days without procrastination, perfectionism, or panic to build a reliable system to attract new clients."

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Boost Your Brand with a Book

I'm Bradley Charbonneau

I struggled for years to write my first book. Then the dam burst and I started. Now I can't stop.

I've written 34 books and want to help you write your first.

What burst the dam?


"From Writer's Block to Two Finished Books"

From one big mountain (overwhelming idea) to smaller hills (accomplishable tasks).

3 Phases, 9 Steps, 27 Actions

Just Like Your Book Will Be
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Available in days
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  Now What?
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What They're Saying

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If we listed every single thing that we're offering in this training, you would keep scrolling forever.

Here are a handful of bonuses you'll get when you join us.

Book Mockups

Imagine your book in this image.

Every student will get 3 mockups with their book playing the starring role in some marketing collateral you can actually use.

Audiobook Chapter

We are a huge fan of audiobooks. Bradley also narrates his own books. If you dare record a chapter of your new book, Bradley and Nicoline will share it on their own podcasts or in the audiobook version of Chapter Won.

This Could Be Your Book

It's a whole lot easier to share with the world when it's ... done.